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I am a self taught digital retoucher. I started 15 years back and I’ve learnt a lot from seen other artists or by just experimenting with my own images and projects.

I formed myself in still & motion photography and life turned me into a retoucher when I got an offer from a small agency in Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf, to work in-house, after they saw my first portfolio. Six months later I was offered a job at Memac Ogilvy where I worked for a bit more than a year. This was the stepping stone that helped my career launch into professional freelancing, doing both retouching and photography projects for their clients.

Today I offer digital retouching, concept development and visualization services to agencies and photographers. I have a profound knowledge of the depths of photoshop, mastering layers, masking, coloring, lighting, illustration and a bit of 3d.

I have a fast turnover, a full understanding of branding, design and marketing strategies & processes, and a capacity to put creative briefs into successful results in the blink of an eye…. and I’m also very affordable!.

I’d love to hear about your project and help bring it to the most impressive results; lets work together.